Saturday, August 05, 2006

Going Polar

Its still summer and it is! This may be the hottest its been all over the nation since 1933! This made me decide to bring out my polar bear print. I'll be putting it on t-shirts today on Cafepress while sitting at my computer under the ceiling fan. I imagine the poor polar bears are thinking about how warm they are, too. They would have to be with the ice melting out from under them! And they can't even take off their winter coats....



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I enjoyed reading your blog. I am an animal lover and it always makes me happy to see things on animnals. If i were you i would go to and submit this blog so thousands of others can see it for free. well, i look forward to all the updates and im going to add your blog to my favorites. thanks again.


2:10 AM  

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