Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Juggler

I've been so busy lately trying to juggle numerous tasks: promotion of my ; (which means completely redoing my website, working on my ,, linking, learning more, and putting in a lot of time on the computer); the usual housework (which is floundering); trying to find some time to do more ....seems the list goes on and on! I am not good at multi-tasking....I'm not even doing well at typing this morning! I feel like my archetype is "The Juggler". "Let's see, folks, will she manage to keep all the balls in the air at the same time? Will she end up fumbling and dropping the ball?" How about "will she decide to just go take a nap"? (she can always give herself the excuse that she's "simplifying her life"). All and no play is not a good thing, though. I HAVE taken the time to watch a couple of movies from Netflix. The last one was "Rust Never Sleeps", a concert which I thoroughly enjoyed! Well, I must get serious and back to work or I'll have no new designs to show...


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