Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tom the Cat

Here's that sneaky tomcat that prowls around in backyards and alley ways just looking for a good fight (or a little lovin) - whichever comes first. He can be found on Etsy, of course, as a 10x8" print -also here on a t-shirt. We have this neighborhood calico cat who likes to come over and lay under our bird feeder. She'll look up at all the birds flocking around the feeder, just hoping they'll dare to land on the ground. Our poor little dog, Spot, is afraid of the neighbor's cats. They always try to zone in on her food dish, and I think she's been swiped across the nose once too many! She's supposed to be a squirrel dog, but can't be bothered with chasing squirrels - or the bunnies that hop around our yard.


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