Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Favorite Little Dog

This is a photo of my favorite little , Spot (she gets a lot of media attention). She's standing in a shadow, but is usually in the "spot" light! This was taken a few years back out in our yard. Spot loves frolicking in the bluebonnets....also eating, which is her favorite pastime. She is now a lot fatter, since my husband insists on giving her . Now she can't even go to sleep at night until she's received her cookies. She can't start her day until she's received her morning weinie. Well, she is sweet, and is a lot of inspiration for my art. I have painted a lot of dogs! Dogs are so happy and freedom-loving that I hate to see them tied to a tree, or worse yet, their doghouse. The dogs in my paintings are very free-spirited, and are often blue, red, or green.


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